Organic Lawn Care

Organic lawn care is a chemical free approach to maintaining a healthy and natural lawn that looks great and is safe for the environment, your community and family. Instead of using harsh fertilizers and pesticides, organic fertilizers and treatment programs allow natural compounds to do the job they were intended to do – encourage healthy soil and plant life.

Organic Lawn Care at Clean Air Lawn Care

Organic lawn care fosters growth and produces healthier lawns

Organic fertilizers provide soil with the nutrients it naturally craves, fostering the growth of organic matter and microorganisms, and thereby producing healthier lawns over a longer period of time. While inorganic fertilizers offer some of the same benefits, the environmental and economical cost is not worth the end result. Chemical pesticides and fertilizers only help your lawn superficially. Behind the scenes, these products are polluting groundwater, breaking down healthy soil, and causing serious harm to humans, animals, and the ecosystem.

According to the EPA,

Compared to chemical treatments, non-chemical methods are generally effective for longer periods of time. They are less likely to create hardy pest populations that develop the ability to resist pesticides. And many non-chemical pest controls can be used with fewer safeguards, because they are generally thought to pose virtually no hazards to human health or the environment.

Organic Lawn Care is safe for humans and the planet.

It’s no speculation that pesticides and other chemicals pose a serious health threat to pets, humans, and eco-systems. It is a proven fact.  There is no reason why you should waste money on products that do more harm than good and it really comes down to a benefit vs. cost issue.  The benefit of pesticides being short term grass stimulation, the cost could be as severe as human life.

Organic Lawn Care Conserves Resources

Organic lawn care systems conserve the earth’s limited resources. Clean Air Lawn Care’s organic treatment program helps you determine the right grass for your lawn based on local climate and natural amounts of rainfall. When you do need to water your lawn, our optional irrigation maintenance service ensures you reach the correct areas of your lawn with minimal runoff, and because we use organic fertilizers, any runoff will not contaminate waterways and drinking water.

Our organic lawn care program also encourages recycling within the system.  Grass clippings from your lawn are mulched when possible, composted on site, or removed to an organic waste recycling center after mowing.

Organic Lawn Care Promotes Healthy Soil

Organic lawn care fosters the soil by allowing organic matter to thrive within it.  Organic fertilizers are made out of nutrients that encourage long term root growth and favorable soil conditions. Balanced soil life will allow roots to reach their maximum depth, therefore retaining vital water for longer periods of time, allowing the plants to be nearly self-sustaining.

Organic Lawn Care Controls Pests

Chemical pesticides kill off beneficial organisms that feed on their harmful counterparts. Pests actually find chemically saturated lawns appealing. Pests thrive off of out-of-balance ecosystems.The best way to eradicate pests from your lawn is to make the environment unattractive to them.  By creating a healthy ecological coalition in the soil, you’ll be allowing favorable microorganisms, insects and plants to grow while discouraging pests from setting up shop.

Organic Lawn Care Saves Money

The race to a healthy lawn isn’t a sprint to the finish, it’s a marathon.  By practicing organic lawn care your soil will build and heal its own natural ecosystem.  After weaning chemically dependent lawns off of pesticides and fertilizers your lawn will be able to sustain its health organically over a long period of time.  This means that you’ll no longer have to spend money on nasty chemicals three times a year (as suggested by the companies that sell these products.)  Once your soil becomes healthy again, it will independently take control of its internal ecosystem and will be much cheaper to maintain.

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